Friday, November 21, 2014

Updating SOA 12c Domain for MFT

This is the last step required for MFT. After this is complete you can go ahead and use MFT.

You should complete steps specified earlier such as SOA 12c Installation with Default local server setup, Database Installation, MFT Installation and RCU creation.

Steps for Updating Domain:

1) Open cmd for Administrator and navigate to ORACLE_HOME\oracle_common\common\bin, as shown below.

Note: ORACLE_HOME is the location where your SOA12c is installed.

2) You need to set JVM argument as -


3) Then run config.cmd

4) This will open Wizard, as you have already a domain setup (your local SOA server), we will update the existing domain for MFT. Make sure the Domain location is your local server location. Choose Next

5) Choose the check boxes as shown below for MFT, click Next

6) Here choose AutoConfiguration option as RCU
Vendor: Oracle
DBMS/Service: This will be the SID which you had used during Database installation time. IN my case this was orcl.
Give Hostname, Port, User name and password
Schema Owner: It should be the Schema which was created during RCU creation. In my case it was DEV_STB and then provide schema password.

Once this is done press Get RCU Configuration. Once it is all OK, Click Next

7) Choose MFT specific check boxes as specified in screen shot, Click Next

8) Choose as per the Screen shot below, Click Next

9) Leave this page as it is and Click Next

10) Now click Update on the summary page

11) This will update the existing domain, and shows its progress, Click Next once done

12)  Thats all, click Finish.

So that's it. You are all good to use MFT.

You can open MFT Console using URL: http://hostname:port/mftconsole
You can change Hostname & port according to your environment setup. By default for local system port will be 7101

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