Thursday, November 20, 2014

Oracle 12c MFT Installation

Oracle MFT is new featured product which is used for File transfers. You can transfer files, Encrypt/Decrypt, Compress/Decompress, Schedule, Archive and do much more.

This blog is in continuation of my last blog where Oracle Database 12c installation steps were shown.
Lets explore steps for Installing Oracle MFT.

Installation Steps:
We will be installing MFT for local SOA 12c setup i.e. local server domain which got created as a result of local SOA 12c installation along with JDeveloper. Before proceeding make sure that your local domain is Stopped and close Jdeveloper.

1) If you have not yet downloaded the installation file, download it from Oracle site:

2) It will download file, Unzip this file, it will contain a jar file with name fmw_12.

Caution: If your Jdeveloper is already open and SOA server is running, it is recommended to Stop SOA Server and close JDeveloper before going for MFT Installation.

3) Open cmd in Administrator mode, and navigate to your Java jdk location and run the jar file

4) This will open Oracle Universal Installer,

5) Select Oracle Home, This is same home were SOA 12c is installed.

6) Now it will be simply Next -- Install -- Next -- Finish

Now MFT is installed, you can start your Jdeveloper but wait there are many more things to do. It is not yet ready for use. Lets go for RCU installation.

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