Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Oracle 12c MFT - Using PGP Encryption

While creating Transfers in MFT, we have came across various pre-processing actions, such as Compress, decompress, PGP Encryption and PGP Decryption. These operations will be done for securing Files which is getting transferred from Source to Target.

Lets learn now how to use PGP Encryption.

Before using PGP Encryption, we need to create PGP Key using WLST command. Below are detailed steps on how to acheive the same.

1) Navigate to OracleWLS_Home\mft\common\bin
2) Once you are there, Run wlst.cmd

3) You are now on wlst prompt, Now connect to your server using following command

4) Above prompt shows that you are now connected to server. Now we will have to generate the PGP Key to create a password-protected PGP key pair. Fire the wlst command for generating Key, as-
generateKeys('PGP', 'Password for the key','Location name where you want keys to get generated')

Note: I have created a seperate new directory under my local domain to contain all the Keys

This will create two keys - pub.asc (Public) and secret.asc (Private)

5) Now you will have to import the PGP key pair to the server and will also create an alias for both Public and Private keys.
Use below commands to do the same:
importCSFKey('PGP', 'PUBLIC', 'Alias Name', 'full location/pub.asc')
importCSFKey('PGP', 'PRIVATE', 'Alias Name', 'full location/secret.asc')

6) Now as your Key pairs are generated and imported successfully, Go back to MFT console. Now rest of the configuration will happen there.

7) Login to MFT console and navigate to administration Tab - Keystores.
Enter the same password which was used during Generating key in the PGP Keystore section. Save the changes

8) Now you are all good to use this setup in creating Transfers. Goto MFT console Design Tab, and for Transfer, select add pre-processing actions.

Once a window opens, select PGP Encryption for the drop down and Add to the list.
Select Encryption Alias and the Armored section. Click OK

 And you are all set. You file will be Encrypted.


sri said...

Hi Abhishek,

Very useful post. I have one question. Is it possible to use multiple PGP private keys here?. I do have set of files, few are using one set of pub/priv keys and few other set of pub/prib keys. But I can see it is only one PGP password under Administration/Keystore section. Can I configure this in MFT. Appreciate any help.


Santosh Kumar said...
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