Thursday, November 20, 2014

Installing Oracle Database 12c for SOA & MFT

This is with reference to my last post of Installation of MFT, for which Oracle Database is required. This blog aims at explaining the steps for Installation Oracle Database 12c, which will be used by Oracle MFT later.

Steps for Installation:

1) Download Oracle 12c from following location:

2) There will be two files downloaded, unzip those files

3) Open command line, choose Run as Administrator

4) Now navigate to the location of Unzipped file and run Setup.exe

5) This will open the Universal installer

6) Follow the installation window, step wise as shown in below screen shots

(Note: I was running this for my learning purpose, so I have tried skipping some of the steps which were recommended by Oracle. But as it was for my local system, I choose quick and dirty way. Its your choice, you can go by the recommended steps)

Below are some quick and dirty steps of its installation, don't worry this will not impact running of your Database, anyhow this is done for learning purpose.

a) Uncheck the box and click Next

b) There will be Warning, just Click Yes and proceed

c) Select Skip software updates Radio button, click Next

d) As we will Create and will have to configure the database, choose the first option and click Next

e) Choose Desktop class and click Next

f) Choose Use Windows Built-in Account and click Next (You can even use the first option)

g) You will will again prompted with message box, Click Yes and Next

h) This is an important page, you need to do some changes here. By default Oracle base, edition, character set will be different. I have selected my own folder in Oracle base (once you provide this, automatically Software location and Database file location will get updated).

As my Database usage is going to be minimal, I selected Personal Edition (which takes less space), and Character set as AL32UTF8. Choose proper SID name and its password. (Password should be as per Oracle standard, but I have given my own short password, there will be a warning message coming but you can neglect it). Click Next

i) Click Next and then press Install

j) Click Next

k) Click Next, here once you click Next Password Management screen will appear. You can either just press Ok or press the Password Management button to set passwords for some of the Schemas like sys, system, scott etc. Its your choice after all.

l) Click Next

m) And that's it.

Database 12c is all set and installed for use now.

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