Thursday, November 20, 2014

Exploring MFT in 12c

I have been doing some good amount of work on Oracle 12c new product MFT - 'Managed File Transfer' recently. Let me share the experiences with you all. I will start giving details on its installation and then will share some good posts on its working

To Start:
Before starting MFT installation, you need to have certain products already installed on your system.
Make sure you have following installed:
1) Java 7
2) SOA 12c along with Domain creation (Refer my blog on its installation)
3) Oracle Database (I have used Oracle 12c as Database)
4) RCU for MFT (This actually can be done after MFT installation also)

To cover the whole MFT installation to make it ready for use, I am going to write separate blogs which will contain steps for
1) Installing Oracle Database 12c
2) Installing MFT
3) Running RCU on Database for MFT
4) Updating your local development Domain for MFT

By covering above 4 steps you will ready with MFT.

You can also go for creation of seperate domain for SOA and MFT, although it is not required, but you can learn on how to setup the environment. This will be optional step.

So, keep watching the space for my next blog entry.

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