Friday, November 21, 2014

RCU Creation for Oracle 12c MFT

This is continuation of my previous blog which is about MFT installation. We have already covered Database 12c installation and MFT installation, now lets focus on RCU creation for MFT.

Step by Step:

RCU file resides under your ORACLE_HOME\oracle_common\bin
ORACLE_HOME here is place where your SOA is installed

1) To start with, first of all you will have to set your Java Jdk Home and Oracle Home (Oracle Database home). I have configured it based on the plave where I had installed Java and Database, as shown in below screen shot.

2) Navigate to ORACLE_HOME\oracle_common\bin and run rcu.bat (for Windows)

3) This will open RCU welcome window as shown below, Click Next

4) This window you will have to provide your database details, like port, SID, sys username and its password (which you have given during Database installation). Choose Role as Sysdba and click Next

5) DEV_MFT for MFT RCU is selected, Click Next. After this Prerequisite check window will appear, click Ok once complete

6) Choose Schema Password, Click Next

7) Click Next, Click OK on confirmation window, which will then create Tablespace

8) Once Summary is displayed, verify the details (keep a screen shot of this window, it will be required during MFT Domain creation), and Click on Create

Once this is complete, Completion Summary page will appear showing status of the RCU run. Choose Close button, RCU run is completed successfully.

Now refer to my next blog which will talk about updating the existing Domain for MFT.

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