Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Oracle 12c MFT - Configuring sFTP Embed

Oracle 12c MFT includes built-in sFTP (SSH-FTP) server, known as sFTP Embedded. You can see this in MFT console drop down when you configure Source.

sFTP Embed has its own file system directories for sending and receiving files. By default, this is disabled, we need to configure it before using it.

Lets learn step by step on how to configure this.

For configuring sFTP (SSH-FTP), we need to create SSH Keystore using WLST command. Below are detailed steps on how to acheive the same.

1) Navigate to OracleWLS_Home\mft\common\bin
2) Once you are there, Run wlst.cmd

3) You are now on wlst prompt, Now connect to your server using following command

4) Above prompt shows that you are now connected to server. Now we will have to generate the Key to create a password-protected private SSH key. The key type is RSA and the key size is 1024 bits. Fire the wlst command for generating Key, as
generateKeys('SSH','Password for the key','Key Name with full location')

Note: I have created a new directory under my local domain to contain all the Keys

5) Now you will have to import the key to the server and will also create an alias for the key.
Use below command to do the same:
importCSFKey('SSH', 'PRIVATE', 'Alias Name', 'Key Name with full location')

6) Now as your Key generation and import is done, Go back to MFT console. Now rest of the configuration will happen there.

7) Login to MFT console and navigate to administration Tab - Keystores.
Enter the same password which was used during Generating key in the SSH Keystore section. Save the changes

8) Click on Embedded servers and go to the sFTP tab. Check the Enabled button, Choose Authentication Type as Password and Host Key Alias (the same alias which was created at the time of importing the key to the server).

Save the changes, click on Start button

9) Now your sFTP Embed server is up and running, this by default runs on Port 7522. You can check the same in the Ports section (You can change the port, but I would recommend to keep this as it is.)

10) So now you are all set to use sFTP Embedded feature of Oracle 12c MFT. You can even connect to the sFTP location using any client like WinScp.

Go ahead and try this awesome feature.

Note: The default root directory location for this is OracleWLS_Home/user_projects/domains/your -Default Domain/mft/ftp_root (This can be changed and configured from MFT console, I would prefer to use the same path)

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