Friday, November 14, 2014

Installing Oracle 12c


In continuation to my last blog posted on 6th Oct 2014 on Oracle 12c, this article will detail the steps of installation which will bundle JDeveloper, Weblogic, SOA, OSB, Java DB (Derby).
Note: This installation was carried out on WIndows 7 for Studio Edition version

Prerequisites to Kick-Start:

1) JAVA 7: You need Java 7 installed on your system. I would recommend to use Java 7 for now, with Java 8 we did faced some installation issues. If it is not installed yet, you can refer to below link to get hold of the software (File name: jdk-7u67-windows-x64.exe):

2) SOA 12c: You need to have the software for SOA 12c ( installation. You can download this from below location:
3) Database: This is OPTIONAL. Oracle 12c comes along with default Java DB (Derby) as Database. So this is not required. I had to explore SOA 12c and MFT, hence I have gone for Derby and local 12c Database. Choice is yours. You can download this from Oracle site, two files will be downloaded i.e. and

4) You should have enough RAM like 8GB or 16GB, 64 bit configured with good system specifications

Steps of Installation:

1) Type cmd in start menu and once it appears, right click and choose ‘Run as administrator’, as shown below

2) Once command prompt is opened, navigate to your Java Jdk, as shown below

3) Navigate to the folder where your SOA setup is. Extract the zip file, Copy the folder location, this will be handy while giving command for installation

4) Go back to Command prompt and type command as (make sure you are under Java\jdk\bin): java –jar
Below Screenshot explains the same

This will open Quick Start Installer for 12c with Welcome page

5) Click Next, it will ask you for Oracle Home location, i.e. the place where it will install

6) If you follow the above screen shot Left hand panel, 3rd step is for checking Prerequisites, where it will check for operating system certifications and Java versions. Simply click next once it passes these checks

7) 4th step shows Installation Summary, i.e. what all feature it is going to Install. Simply click on Install button

8) 5th Step shows Installation Progress, where it will prepare, copy libraries and will run the setup. Once this completes it will show you success as

9) Click Next and it will show you the final Page as below. Unckeck Start Jdeveloper and click Finish.

Word of Advice: On the final page if you see below, there is a check box for Starting Jdeveloper. I would recommend to uncheck that for a moment. We will start it once configurations are done

Steps for Local Domain Setup

1) If you Start Jdeveloper and then start the server, by default it creates your domain under hidden folder:

This will be a problem. I would recommend to have your domain in same place, where your Oracle Home is.

2) To do the same, set the System Environment Variable. Goto Environment Variable (Computer -Properties -Advanced system settings -Advanced -Environment Variables -System Variables)

Create folder like user_projects\domains under OracleWls_Home. In the Variable value give the same folder path value as OracleWls_Home\user_projects\domains
Once this is set, means now whenever you will start Jdeveloper server, it will by default create the domain under your Oracle Home

3) Save it and naviagte to open Jdeveloper. Your Jdeveloper will be under \jdeveloper\jdeveloper.exe

4) Once Jdeveloper is opened, Navigate to Window - Application Servers

5) It will open a Tab on left hand side, right click on IntegratedWeblogicServer and start the server. It will by default create the domain. For first time set up it will ask you to enter weblogic details

Enter the password which you will be using for all Weblogic, EM operations.

6) Once done, click OK and you are all good to go.

7) Whenever you want to switch off/bring down your server, just right click on there server and choose Terminate

So, its all done. You are all set to explore SOA 12c. Go.. Go..Go

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