Sunday, January 16, 2011

Handling Large Payload Files

Want to create a BPEL process to read, transform and translate a large payload file (e.g. size 1GB)?

Reading and traversing large payload file was always a problem in SOA 10g. Supposedly Maximum limit for such operations are for less than 7MB files in 10g.
Solution to such problems are answered in 11g where you can read and transform huge payload files.

Suppose you have a CSV file incoming from source directory which you want to transform to a Fixed length file. Keep the source and the destination schema (XSD) ready. Also prepare the Transformation file (XSL) and keep it handy.
For accomplishing this, you will only be using one File Adapter which will take care of your read, transform and write - so all the three operations takes place under single I/O interaction.

Follow the steps below for making it possible:
1) Drag and drop a file adapter in the external references swim lane. (For e.g. Give name as FileMove.)
2) Select Synchronous File Read
3) Give any dummy value for File physical path and File Name. It will be changed manually later.
4) Select Native format translation is not required (Opaque Schema)
5) Outbound File Adapter is now configured, click on Finish
6) Open the relevant .jca file (in this case FileMove_file.jca)
7) Ensure that className should be
8) Add extra parameters as shown in below file:
<adapter-config name="FileMove" adapter="File Adapter"
<connection-factory location="eis/FileAdapter" adapterRef=""/>
<endpoint-interaction portType="FileMove_ptt" operation="FileMove">
<property name="SourcePhysicalDirectory" value="testDir1"/>
<property name="SourceFileName" value="test1"/>
<property name="SourceSchema" value="xsd/source-csv.xsd"/>
<property name="SourceSchemaRoot value="Root-Element"/>
<property name="SourceType" value="native"/>
<property name="TargetPhysicalDirectory" value="testDir2"/>
<property name="TargetFileName" value="test2"/>
<property name="TargetSchema" value="xsd/destination-fixedLength.xsd"/>
<property name="TargetSchemaRoot value="Root-Element"/>
<property name="TargetType" value="native"/>
<property name="Xsl value="xsl/SourceToDestination.xsl"/>
<property name="Type" value="MOVE"/>
9) Save the file and deploy the process.

This will works only if all the records in the data file are of the same type.


Shafter said...

This is very helpful.

Is there any way of reading a file in a parent-child relationship? That is not all the lines in the file is not in the same format.

Anonymous said...

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macaconauta said...
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macaconauta said...

Hi Abhishek,
I'm facing problems with large xml payloads in BPEL 10g. I saw your comment (and some other on the net) about the retriction of 10g suite in those casases, but I could not find it in Oracle documentation.
Is there a source from Oracle where I can find this restriction described?

Thanks and Regards,

Emanuel Beltrame