Monday, November 9, 2009

File Adapter: File Age parameter usage

What is the function of using File Age parameter in File Adapter?

When user sets ‘File Age’ parameter in File Adapter wizard, then the BPEL will wait for ‘File Age’ time, before it first polls for a file.
This option is especially useful, when the source file is large and takes some time for an external application to completely write finishing the source file. If this is not done then there is a chance that incomplete source file may be picked up for processing by BPEL.
The actual value to be set for ‘File Age’ is decided upon the file size and the time it roughly takes to completely copy in to source folder for BPEL to pick up.

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Sumit Devgan said...

hey abhishek,

i tried to make file adapter. its not working. its not reading the file from given location. i treid everything but its nt wrking. can u help me out.