Monday, November 9, 2009

nested exception is: Waiting for response has timed out. The conversation id is bpel://localhost/default/HelloWorld~1.0. Please check the process instance for detail.

Above mentioned error come if the "syncMaxWaitTime" setting is set too low. So the processes which exceeds this limit get this error.

"syncMaxWaitTime" is the delivery result receiver maximum wait time. It is the maximum time the process result receiver will wait for a result before returning. The default is 45 seconds.

"syncMaxWaitTime" can be updated via BPEL Control:
1) Log on to the BPEL console.
2) Click on Manage BPEL Domain.
3) Click on Configuration.
4) Edit the syncMaxWaitTime setting. For long running processes, this can be increased to 1800.

You can also modify this by navigating on SOA Server for this location:

First stop the SOA Server. Now goto the above mentioned location and search for . Edit the attribute by increasing the time. Now restart the SOA Server.


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