Thursday, July 23, 2009


ORABPEL-10903: "failed to read wsdl" when deploying BPEL process

Check your schema file which you are using. There might be a possibility that the schema file name contains spaces. Rename the schema file(with no spaces).

Note that if you are importing that schema in your wsdl file then dont forget to change the name there too.

Redeploy the project and the error will be gone.


pinku said...

hi abhishek i need your help in accessing a file from fileadapter if u can provide me your email or contact that would be really great , is there any way where we can count the files in a folder. each file name is assume
NHU-123-345 07-07-2009T12:23:24
NHU-213-213 07-07-2009T13:24:54
how to read this kind of file and compare it wtha value in database and update the field in.

Abhishek Saurabh said...


Can you through some more light to the problem??

pinku said...

Hi abhishekh its really nice to get your responce what i am trying to do is i am getting a xml file from webservice i am saving that in archive with a unique ID with time stamp and at the same time i am storing a few fieds of the file eg:status in a database to identify the status of the file.In the later part i need to read the file from the archive and transform the file accordingly and place it in an remote server.Once file is uploaded into remote system need to update the status field in database as successful upload.
NHU-123-345 07-07-2009T12:23:24
NHU-213-213 07-07-2009T13:24:54
if i have some 100 files with this naming convention ,what is the best way to complete my process of uploading those files into FTP as XML. My incomming file is an XML .