Monday, September 29, 2008


This ORABPEL error will drive you crazy. This error occurs when you try to invoke an asynchronous BPEL process that is deployed to Oracle BPEL Process Manager or later.

I got the solution for this error over Internet & thought of sharing this with my blog readers.
In pre release the default behaviour were to keep global variable information along with the instance information for completed BPEL processes.
In or later, this behaviour changed for performance reasons so that the default behaviour is now, not to keep any global variables for a BPEL process once the BPEL process has completed.

You can configure this behaviour on a process level basis by using the parameter keepGlobalVariables in the bpel.xml file for the specific process:

<BPELProcess src=".........." id="...........">
<property name="keepGlobalVariables">true</property>


Anonymous said...

Thanks for ur info. It helped me a lot.

Abhishek Saurabh said...

You are most welcome..