Tuesday, July 22, 2008

High Availability for Files

We can use the file adapter's high availability feature provided under SOA Suite The following steps shown below will guide you to configure the file adapter for this feature:

1. Create a share folder on highly available file system.
Note:- This folder should have the write permission and should be accessible from all the systems that are running the file adapter.

2. Goto the following location:
SOA_HOME\bpel\system\service\config directory.

3. Open the file pc.properties.

4. Set oracle.tip.adapter.file.controldirpath to the shared folder name.
For example:
oracle.tip.adapter.file.controldirpath := Z:\\mysharedrive
oracle.tip.adapter.file.controldirpath := \\Myshare\Mydir

4. Restart the SOA Suite or Oracle BPEL Process Manager server.

Happy learning...

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