Saturday, July 19, 2008

Future of Oracle SOA after BEA aquisition

Oracle's aquisition of BEA is making everybody curious. The obvious questions coming to our mind are: what about the future of SOA suite, whats new in SOA from Oracle etc.etc.
Seeing Oracle’s vision towards SOA, it has been clear for the last few years that Oracle is not going to leave it like that. According to me, Oracle SOA is gonna rock. For Oracle's aquisition of BEA, I must say: "Its a match made in Heaven"!


1) Oracle has integrated WebLogic into both JDeveloper and the Application Server, replacing OC4J. This will be good for performance and stability.

2) Oracle has announced convergence of Oracle ESB and AquaLogic Service Bus towards Oracle Service Bus (will contain strong points of both ESB and AquaLogic-SB).

3) Now JRockit, the world’s leading VM, will be the standard VM for Oracle.

4) Coherence will be the central component for dehydration. So we get zero latency in the VM and unparallelled performance for the dehydration store.

5) Integration of BPM Studio into the BPA Suite is the another good news. I must say that the Oracle BPA Suite, in conjunction with the Oracle SOA Suite (BPEL PM in particular) is the world’s best-of-breed for process management, design and execution. The added functionality from BPM Studio will create a comprehensive set of tools to support both process architecture, design and execution in a fully supported roundtrip engineering environment.

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