Saturday, July 26, 2008

File Adapter : Hidden Treasure-1

Working on Logical Name Option of File adapter

This blog entry is for those who have worked with File Adapter a bit. In this blog I will mainly focus on showing you all the working of Logical Name option under Read operation for ESB.
We all are aware that while dealing with File Adapter Read operation, we can provide the input directory path in the form of either Physical Path or Logical Name.

ESB: The main problem in case of ESB is that we dont have files like bpel.xml to give details for the working of Logical Name.
Below I will show you how to deal with Logical Name with ESB.

1) Create an ESB project. Create a read file adapter and give Logical Name detail as shown below (Note: You can give Logical Name for Archive files also. Give different logical Names for incoming files and Archive. You cannot use same name)

Complete the read Adapter wizard.

2) Now automatically one routing service will be created by the wizard. Double click to open it.

3)The inbound file adapter window similar to the one shown below will be displayed with name like <SystemName_ServiceName>.esbsvc

4)When you click the plus sign (+) in Endpoint Properties section, the Endpoint Property Chooser dialog box will be displayed.

5) Select the InputDirectory property and click OK. Now you can specify the physical directory name in the Value field as shown below

6) Save it and proceed with your project.

Note: If you want to use Logical Name for Write operation of File Adapter same steps should be followed. Try it...

BPEL: If you are working on File Adapter Read operation and choosing the Logical Name option for Input Directory, you need to manipulate the bpel.xml file and provide the directory path there.

Thats it...You have learnt to use Logical Name option under File Adapter Read and write operation of ESB..

Happy Learning...

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