Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Distinguishing Fusion Middleware from Fusion Applications

I was searching for some good articles on Fusion, and I got some useful information on the diffrence between Oracle Fusion Middleware and Fusion Applications.

We have heard many times that Oracle is working on Fusion and they are going to release it soon..To clear the confusion between Fusion Middleware and Fusion Applications,I am going to explain the difference between the two.

Oracle Fusion Middleware:
As we are aware of the three tier architecture,that comprises of Client/UI,Application and database. Fusion Middleware is collection of products provided by Oracle that run on application servers. In other words, Fusion Middleware encompasses everything that doesn't run on a database server.

Fusion Middleware is an umbrella term that includes product suites such as:

- Oracle Application Server
- Oracle Identity Management
- Oracle Development Tools
- SOA Suite
- Business Intelligence Suite
- Business Integration
and many more...

Fusion Applications:
Fusion Applications is the next-generation enterprise application suite. Fusion Applications will be built using the next generation of Fusion Middleware. In other words, the next generation of Fusion Middleware will be the technology stack for Fusion Applications.