Thursday, April 17, 2008

BPEL : Exception ORA-01691

Exception looks like:

<2008-04-15 16:05:59,168>

Error while invoking bean "delivery": Cannot update lob column.
The process domain was unable to update the lob column "7" in the datastore.
The exception reported is: ORA-01691: unable to extend lob segment ORABPEL.SYS_
LOB0000069158C00007$$ by 128 in tablespace ORABPEL


For overcoming this exception, you can do either of the things mentioned below:

** Clean up the dehydration store


** Increase orabpel tablespace size by running a script similar to the following mentioned below:

alter tablespace orabpel add datafile
size 1024M
autoextend on
next 512M
maxsize 12040M;

Note:- This script is already included in the default IRCA tool of Oracle
BPEL Process Manager for 10.1.3.

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