Tuesday, January 27, 2015

SOA 12c: Rename MFT Source, Target, Transfer

Guess, what if we have created a MFT Source or Target or Transfer and we have been asked to change its name. This post is quick and easy solution (with little bit of hacking) to achieve the same, so instead of redeveloping MFT components you can just rename it without changing its functionalities.

You should know what is MFT source, Target, Transfer and how it is created.

For purpose of showing this case, I have created Sample Source, Target and Transfer.
Sample Source name: T1; Sample Target:TestTargt; Sample Transfer: testtransfer

Now suppose all my components are ready and at last minute I found some mistake while defining names.
Don't worry, you can easily rectify it. Here I am going to rename Source name T1 to Source1, Just follow below steps:

1) Export transfer file, just click on export (present on transfer window on right hand side)
2) Once you export the file, you will see a file - [TransferName]_export.zip downloaded.

 3) Right click on that file and open the zip using Windows Explorer, as shown below. (Note - with normal Winzip or any other tool it will not work)

4) A new folder will open containing mft folder. mft folder will contain 3 more directories as shown below

5) Navigate to source folder, you will see an XML file there. Open that file (you can copy that file to different location, edit and then replace the file under mft/source folder).

As shown below, Source name is T1

 6) Edit the name to Source1, save and copy it back to mft/source

7) Once file is copied, close the zip folder

8) Now go back to MFT console, Administration Tab and Import the zip file.

9) Once Import is done, go back to Design Tab of MFT console, refresh the Designer palette. You can see new Source name (Source1) appearing there in place of T1

10) Same source name will automatically appear under Transfer as well

So you are all set, just deploy and test.

For renaming Target or Tansfers, follow same steps.
For Targets, navigate to mft/target folder and make changes, and for transfer follow mft/transfer.


silentevo said...

Hello Abhishek,

Awesome blog!! I was wondering if you would know if MFT would be able to support AS2 channel? If so, how would you be able to do it? Thank you.



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