Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Importing libraries for using Java Exec

Want to use Java Exec, is it resulting in error?

Add following libraries to your .bpel code:
<bpelx:exec import="java.util.*"/>
<bpelx:exec import="java.lang.*"/>
<bpelx:exec import="java.math.*"/>
<bpelx:exec import="*"/>
<bpelx:exec import="com.collaxa.common.util.Base64Decoder"/>
<bpelx:exec import="com.collaxa.common.util.Base64Encoder"/>

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Harisudhan Selvaraj said...

Hi, how do I add the jar into the BPEL process ? I have class name called, jar name is "UnZipJavaArchive" and the package name is "com.archiveservices.imaging".
Which one I have to use in the BPEL code "
Please advise.