Wednesday, December 30, 2009


D:\Abhi\RatingCheck\build.xml:79: A problem occured while connecting to server "localhost" using port "80": bpel_RatingCheck_v2009_12_12__74238.jar failed to deploy. Exception message is: Error deploying BPEL suitcase.
An error occurred while attempting to deploy the BPEL suitcase file "D:\oracle\product\soa\bpel\domains\default\tmp\bpel_12757142.tmp"; the exception reported is: archive cannot rename D:\oracle\product\soa\bpel\domains\default\tmp\.bpel_RatingCheck_v2009_12_12__74238_a4ef0434bf12f22a3374aab6a0a942a1

If you check the server log file - domain.log, you will see ORABPEL-05250 error.

This error is encountered with SOA You will see this error once you try to redeploy your project on the server i.e. whenever a BPEL process is already deployed on the server and you are trying to replace it with newer version or trying to deploy over it. Even in Jdeveloper you will not see the small version window poping up when you try to deploy the project.

But why this problem is there?
Possibly there is a bug with this SOA version. I think whenever we try to redeploy the project it tries to rename the existing project before replacing it with the new one. Some unknown Java process within the BPEL server locks the bpelclasses.jar file and one of your project WSDLs preventing the renaming of the parent directory.

Possible solution (as we are doing for our projects)for this error is:
1) Undeploy the process from the console
2) Shutdown SOA Suite Server
3) Bring the Server up. (This will release the process lock).
4) Try to deploy the project.

I know this is quite painful during development. One more pain is that you cannot have multiple versions of your project on console. That means if you want to refer any instance after redeploying, forget it.

So according to me, avoid applying Patch Set on Windows (I have not tried this on other OS). I hope Oracle will look into this matter soon.


Avr Reddy said...
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Avr Reddy said...

I was trying to deploy new composite not existing one.How it works for new composites.