Thursday, August 21, 2008

ESB Error: I Hate Spaces

In this blog entry I am going to deal with a very common problem related to ESB which people experience.
The error which I am discussing it here occurs when you click on the services already registred on ESB Console.

Create a simple ESB project, deploy it to the Integration Server. Login to the ESB Control. When you click on any of the services in ESB Control, you receive the following pop-up error:

"The metadata XML that was processed does not comply with the ESB Metadata XML Schema.
Cause: Invalid text 'esb:///ESB_Projects/ESB_TEST/PollDB.wsdl' in element: 'wsdlURL'.

If you are manually editing the Import Files, ensure that the metadata is valid and well formed. Otherwise, this is an Internal Error. Contact Oracle Support."

The solution is pretty simple. This error occurs when the Application name contains spaces. The application name in JDeveloper must not contain spaces.

EXAMPLE1: ESB Test Appl (Wrong Application Name)
EXAMPLE2: ESB_Test_Appl (Right Application Name)


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Deepak Dev said...

Hi Abhishek,
I am looking for a solution where i want to catch a 'Null' Value or 'empty string' in reply output and show an error or show a message. You can find my question in forum for the full scenario here:

I would really appreciate if you are able to help me, i can also email you my project if you want.

Many thanks mate

Mohammadi Tailor said...

Hi Abhishek,
I am new to the field of Oracle BPEL, ESB. I came across your blog and was nice going through it. Checked out your profile but unfortunately couldn't locate your mail id. Hence posting this comment into your latest blog. Can you please suggest me how to start with BPEL. I have already completed oracle tutorials on this. Those tutorials doesn't give idea on how to start from scratch as it already provides ready-made xsd. I am looking for some case study wherein we need to start with entire designing, preparing xsd and table structure and bpel processes based on that. Do you mind guiding me on few books/sites which i can refer too.

my email id is

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I want to send alert notification through E-Mail in Oracle ESB, but i think Oracle has a limitation here that email notification are send when error comes.Is there any way i can send email when ever i need. Please reply.

Amit Parashar

Abhishek Saurabh said...

Hi Amit,

You can use BPEL for Emailing purpose and call the BPEL service through ESB.