Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Undeploy SOA Composite : Workaround

Recently I was trying to undeploy a BPEL process from EM console, by following normal process i.e. Right clicking on Process name -- SOA Deployment -- Undeploy, but it was throwing error and not allowing me to do so.

I did a workaround and got ride of the composite. Below steps will show how to achieve the same.

Note: This was done on Oracle 12c

Undeploy Steps:
1. Login to EM console and click on soa-infra, below screen shot shows BPEL processes.

2. On Right pane window, click on SOA Infrastructure -- Administration -- MDS Configuration

3. You will see MDS configuration page, just click on Export. This will download file

4. Unzip the file, you will see a folder deployed-composites, and under that a file deployed-composites.xml as shown in below screen shot

5. Open the file, select the composite which you want to delete (every composite entry it starts with composite-series). Remove composite-series entry for that composite and Save the file.

6. Once the file is saved, Zip the file again. Keep the Zip file name same as before (

7. Go back to EM Console and to the Same MDS Configuration window (SOA Infrastructure -- Administration -- MDS Configuration). You will see an Import option.

Choose the location and Import the file.

8. Restart Server and check EM. The project which you Deleted will disappear.

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