Friday, August 6, 2010

JDeveloper: TODO

Adding Tasks to JDeveloper to keep track of development code

We always need some kind of Task handler/reminder for our tasks during development so that if that is present in the source code, we can refer that in future (just like Reminder) viz. Need to add a Variable, Delete this variable, Temporary variable, Handle the error etc.

Jdeveloper comes with a very good utility - "TODO".
You can write simply TODO as comment (Note: this should be in Caps always) in the source code.
Below picture depicts the same:

Just you need to write //TODO followed by your comments in the source code.

Later through View -> Tasks, you can view all the TODO's in your project. Below picture depicts the same.

So at later point if you want to revisit the code, just double click on the Task line of your interest, it will navigate you to the desired line of code.

Happy Learning.

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