Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BPEL: Default Input to initiate

Need to pass same value everytime to initiate BPEL process(Synchronous or Asynchronous).

If you want to pass a default input in your BPEL process while initiating process then you need to modify/add some code in your projects bpel.xml file.

Add the following code after the <partnerLinkBindings> tag in bpel.xml file:

<property name="defaultInput">Hi to SOA World</property>

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Amit said...

We will get the following exception-

Your test request generated the following exception/fault:

Could not initiate the BPEL process because the input xml is not well formed, the reason is :
[XML Error]: At Line 1, Column 1 Content is not allowed in prolog.
Please correct the input xml.

Click here to initiate another test instance.