Wednesday, January 28, 2009

oc4j_soa in

The OC4J_SOA container never stops gracefully and the stop log from the default_group~<oc4j_container_name>~default_group~1.log file shows that it always stops on deactivation of the endpoint for ESB adapters.

This is due to the fact that the default stop timeout for OC4J, as specified in the
opmn.xml file, is 120, out of which most of the time is consumed by the initial process, that is, BPEL shutdown.
So, ESB does not have much time for the shutdown, so the Oracle Process Management Notification (OPMN) shuts it down forcibly. You can solve this problem by increasing the stop timeout for OC4J in the opmn.xml file.


Sen-SOA said...

Hi abhi,

Hope you are doing fine. I find your blog as one among the best. Its really very useful for the beginners like me. Keep continuing the good work.
I have a requirement, pls give me your inputs

Version :

I'm in a project which integrates 3rd party application to Oracle applications. Our customer has 2 oracle applications and 12.0.4.
Our requirement is Invoice created in either of the oracle apps to be send it to the 3rd party application.
We use DBAdapter in BPEL to fetch the Invoice data and write it as a XML doc and post the same to the 3rd party. During the DBAdapter configuration, it expects us to give the IPAddress and other info related to the Oracle application. The challenge here is, if I configure the adapter to, during runtime I can't change the parameters like the IPAddress, user name and pwd.
In such scenario what would be the ideal solution for this?

1. Should I have two seperate BPEL process to handle this case?
2. Is this the ideal scenario to have multiple domains, so that 1 domain I keep and in the other I keep 12.0.4?

Also I would like to know on what circumstances multiple domains gets created?

Pls let me know your valuable inputs



Abhishek Saurabh said...

Hi Sen,

Sorry for the delayed input. I was busy with my work and just saw your query.

The best solution for this kind of scenario is to use both ESB and BPEL.
You create an ESB project which will contain two DB Adapter viz. 11.5.10 and R12 and then route it to BPEL project. Then in your BPEL write all the logic.
Hope I have given useful solution to you.

By the way..Thanks for the compliment.


Sen-SOA said...

Hi Abhi,

Many kudos for your inputs. The catch here is, our customer doesnt want to use ESB for some reason. So, what would you suggest in this scenario?


Abhishek Saurabh said...

Hi Sen,

If you dont want to use ESB, then in that case you can use Correlation Concept in your BPEL Project.

Basically by using Correlation, you will get control over instance creation from multiple source.


Sen-SOA said...


Thanks again. I'm not very clear with the correlation method what you have described. Can you please show some link which talks about this method? Any pointers would be of great help. Sorry to bother you lot Abhi.
To add more insight about my project, we are a product co., releasing the Adapter for integrating 3rd party application with ERP's using BPEL.
Challenge for us: The BPEL Process we are designing currently is configured for integrating to 1 ERP(Say Oracle Apps using AppsAdapter). But some of our customers have more than 1 Oracle apps instance. Earlier we thought of using a switch case inside the BPEL process and configure different apps adapter to talk to different Oracle applications. But our management doesn't want this logic. Bcaz the apps adapter is configured with a static IPAddress's. I'm not sure during runtime how i can dynamically change the IPAddress/username/pwd like configuration parameters to the apps adapter. I worked with TIBCO BW before, there we have global variable wherein we set all the configuration parameters, during runtime tibco substitutes this value. Is there anyway in BPEL can we achive this functionality?
I understand my mail thread is too long and bother you too much, but when you find time, please please please give me your inputs. This is of high importance to me.

Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

HI abhishek,
Do you have script to delete the Bpel dehydration store with you.If so can you please send it to my email id mdsabir@yahoo,com
Willk appreciate you help