Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What, if you forget the Password?

What, if you forgot the password for logging into BPEL, ESB or EM? Is there any way to reset it?

Step-wise solution to the above problem is mentioned below:

1) Look for the file system-jazn-data.xml under location:
2) Open the file system-jazn-data.xml in your editor.
3) Edit credentials tag for the corresponding name tag as shown below:

Note:Do remember to add ! sign before your password.
4) Restart the SOA Server.
5) You are all set to use new paasword.

Note2: If you encounter any errors after doing this, follow the steps provided in my blog dated 21st June 2008.

Keep learning with me.

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Nirav chhaya said...

That is really useful stuff. I tried it on my 10133 server and it worked fine. Before changing I took backup of credentials. I could again restore the original password using that backup !!!