Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oracle JDeveloper 11g Released

Oracle JDeveloper 11g showcases new features to provide a full development environment for Java EE 5 – including EJB 3.0 and JSF 1.2 – and rounded out with new features for AJAX developers, including an impressive new ADF Faces rich client set of components as well as Javascript editing and debugging.

JDeveloper 11g marks a significant milestone in the progress of application development.Web services development is greatly improved with updated support for JAX-WS, a complete Web services test framework, and a comprehensive WSDL editor. There are also many developer productivity enhancements to the IDE and Java development features to explore. And, building applications with Oracle ADF has been dramatically improved with the addition of ADF Faces rich client, a new JSF-based ADF controller framework, and countless productivity-boosting enhancements.

JDeveloper now makes use of an installer to prevent errors during installation.

Features of the installer include:
a. Platform-specific(native) installers for Windows & Linux,including a bundled JDK.
b. Generic installer (without a JDK) for all other platforms.
c. Install into a new or existing Middleware home.
d. Perform a complete installation, or install just the components you need.
e. Create shortcuts in the Start menu on Windows.
f. QuickStart page after installation provides easy access to common tasks.
g. Installer supports 3 modes: GUI/graphical, console, and silent.

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