Monday, May 5, 2008

AIA : Oracle Application Integration Architecture

AIA (Application Integration Architecture) is an integration architecture framework proposed by Oracle. It strongly recommends industry to start following this framework to build future integration packs for various business use cases. Oracle AIA is a set of products that enables companies to create greater alignment between IT and business strategy, so when business needs to react, IT can react with it.

Fusion middleware SOA products are the underlying products used in implementing AIA framework. AIA Framework is delivered as AIA Foundation Pack by Oracle. AIA Foundation Pack comprises of the following components

1. Enterprise Business Objects (EBO)
2. Enterprise Business Service (EBS)
3. SOA Governance Tools (BSR, CAVS and Error logging and resolution framework)
4. Reference Architecture

Process Integration Packs (PIPs) which are available with Application Integration Architecture are as under:

1.Siebel CRM On Demand Integration Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite.
2.Siebel CRM Integration Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite Order Management.
3.Oracle Application Integration Architecture for Communications.
4.Siebel Life Sciences Integration Pack for Oracle Adverse Event Reporting System.
5.Siebel CRM Integration Pack for Oracle Trade Promotion Management.
6.Siebel CRM Integration Pack for i-flex's FLEXCUBE Account Origination - Liability Products.

To know more on Oracle AIA, refer to the link mentioned below:


Rajesh Raheja said...

FYI. There is a new OTN forum created for Application Integration Architecture (AIA) Foundation Pack and Process Integration Pack related issues/discussion.



Thanks rajesh for the info.

Deepu Raj said...

Hi Abhishek,

I need to get a sever/ workstation to get the Oracle SOA & Oracle AIA up.

I have tried on local system with 2.33Ghz, 2.99GB RAM on windows XP 32 Bit. The system freezes if I start the SOA server and JDeveloper together. Plz suggest the model no for Dell/IBM with configuration which will suite the requirement. This has to be developer system.

The fusion requirement guide is not very helpful.

I have shortlisted a Dell Server with the following configuration:-
E2 1220 - 4C/4T, 8MB Cache, 8GB RAM(4*2). Will this be good enough. I am planning to install RHEL 5. Please suggest.

Raj Deepu