Sunday, October 7, 2007

BPEL : Changing port number

Question: Need to change default HTTP port assigned during installation( say 8888) to a different port (say 80) ?

Answer: This process involves two steps:
1. Changing the port number of the web server.
2. Changing any references to that port number elsewhere in the install.

1. Changing the port number of the web server - Changing the HTTP Listening Port

First we need to change the listener to listen on port 80 instead of the default port 8888. The OC4J web listening port is set dynamically at run time by OPMN from an available port in a given range. Follow the following steps:

a. Stop the SOA Suite running
b. Edit the file $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/conf/opmn.xml
-- Find the entry ''
-- Change the range to port 80
-- Save the file
c. Start the SOA Suite running
d. Verify that SOA Suite is now running on port 80.

Note: IE has a nasty habit of caching a page even if you do a Control Refresh, and so it may appear that your SOA Suite is running on two ports. In Firefox hitting Control Refresh causes the old port address to come back with a server not found error.

2a. Changing any references to that port number - Modify BPEL

BPEL needs to know the port number it is listening in order to construct SOAP endpoint addresses for use in WSDL and callbacks. We need to tell BPEL that the port number has changed. Follow the following steps:

i. Go to BPEL Admin,Log in as 'oc4jadmin'
ii. Change the following entries to have port 80
-- soapServerUrl
-- soapCallbackUrl
-- clusterName
-- Click 'apply'
iii. Bounce SOA Suite again to make sure the change get picked up.

Note: I don't think you really need to change clusterName but it will confuse the heck out of you if you don't!

2b. Changing any references to that port number - Reload BPEL Processes

At this point I would reload any deployed processes, making sure that I revalidated them before deploying because any partner links referring to existing processes on this server will now be pointing to the wrong port!

Note: Check your connections in connection navigator before deploying. Also check your bpel.xml file.

Note: If you plan on using ant to deploy applications then update it to the new port number. Follow the steps:
-- Edit $ORACLE_HOME/bpel/utilities/
-- Change the http.port property to the correct value

Now ant will deploy to the correct port on the server.

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