Thursday, September 27, 2007


Question: Error ORABPEL-05002 in domain log??

Failed to handle dispatch message ... exception ORABPEL-05002Message handle error.An exception occurred while attempting to process the message "com.collaxa.cube.engine.dispatch.message.invoke.InvokeInstanceMessage";the exception is: Transaction was rolled back: timed out;nested exception is: java.rmi.RemoteException:No Exception - originate from:java.lang.Exception: No Exception - originate from:; nested exception is: java.lang.Exception: No Exception - originate from:

Answer: The root cause of this problem is poor performance of the dehydration store database. If you are using Oracle Lite as dehydration store, switch to use Oracle 9i or 10g.( Better use 10g above version

Following set ups you need to perform for overcoming such problem:

1. Increase the maxConnection number of the BPELServerDataSource. OC4J has too few available connections to the dehydration database.
Location: /j2ee/home/config/data-sources.xml

2. Size of message is too big. Two ways to deal with this problem:

a. Increase the transaction timeout
Location :/j2ee/home/config/server.xml

b. Decrease the auditLevel from BPELConsole. It will reduce the amount of data saved to the dehydration store.
Location: BPEL Console -> Manage BPEL Domain -> Configurations tab.

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